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Oregon Senate Advances Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill Join NSSF in voicing your opposition to SB 978

On Tuesday April, 9th,  the Senate Committee on Judiciary passed a bill that would have major impacts on firearm ownership Oregon if enacted. SB 978 is the first firearm “omnibus” bill to receive a hearing incorporating a lot of concepts from the plethora of anti-gun legislation introduced this session. While the truly egregious concepts such as magazine capacity limits, “Assault Weapons” bans and limitations on ammo purchases did not make it into SB 978, a lot of other bad ideas did such as:


  • Criminal penalties for not storing firearms “securely”.
  • New record keeping requirements for retailers on receiver sales.
  • Prohibiting “unfinished’ receivers.
  • Allowing retailers to raise the age limit on purchases from 18 to 19, 20 or 21.
  • Banning “undetectable” and “untraceable” firearms, negatively impacting legitimate manufacturing in the state.


NSSF is strongly oppose this bill and ask you to please contact the following legislators to urge them to vote NO!

Hey Oregon, California just banned lead ammunition so now you have to do it, too.

Help us protect Oregon’s hunters and fisherman